Radishes at The Small Holding

Radishes at The Small Holding

September at The Small Holding

In early September, The Small Holding’s farm in Kilndown, Kent, is in full production with gluts of courgettes and tomatoes, and new season sweetcorn and beetroot.  There are autumn raspberries and damsons and blackberries from the hedgerows and woods. The first chanterelle mushrooms and Kentish cobnuts have been found and are on the menu. Rare breed Berkshire pigs, chickens and ducks roam the farm and sheep for hogget and mutton graze less than half a mile away.  

Everything is home-made at The Small Holding, including sourdough bread and butter, yoghurt and ricotta or sourced hyper-locally such as Hinxden Cream who have a herd of pedigree Guernsey and Holstein Friesian cows in nearby Benenden. Ingredients are picked less than 10ft from the kitchen and when there’s a glut, the kitchen preserves, pickles and jars.

The September Full Acre sample menu is below, with full vegetarian and vegan menus available and costs £60 per person with an optional 4 glass wine pairing at £40 and 6 glass wine pairing at £60. The Half Acre menu is £30 per person.

Sweetcorn, mushroom, egg
Hogget, cabbage, cheese
Onion, blackberries, seaweed
Cod, lettuce, lovage
Monkfish, tomato, parsley
Beef, fennel, nasturtium
Pork, radish, courgette
Apple, ginger, juniper
Plum, yoghurt, honey
Raspberry, tarragon, potato

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Ranters Lane | Kilndown | Kent | TN17 2SG